E-NUT is an all-in-one device, E-NUT Device integrates with battery that end user can pull out from the Power Bank to vape. E-NUT Device can also install into the Power Bank
that has higher built-in Li battery for extend usage and  charge for E-NUT Device. Users don’t need to press any button as it will automatically switch on when taking puff.

  • End user can select refillable tank or closed tank

E-NUT Power Bank:
Thickness: 20mm
Width: 42mm
Height: 88mm
Weight: 103g

E-NUT Device:
Diameter: 16.5mm
Length: 101mm
Weight: 44g
Capacity: 1.7mL
Coil: VOCC-T

E-NUT Device: Built in 16300/500mAH
E-NUT Power Bank: Built in 18650/2000mAH
Output voltage: Full power output (depend on voltage of built in battery)
Removable Tank Charging: Must connect to E-NUT Device.
E-NUT Device charging: Micro USB, input voltage DC 5V, 1000mA
Coil Resistance: above 1.0Ω
Display: 5 LED shows battery level
Color: Red / Green / Yellow

1 x E-NUT
2 x VOCC-T 1.5Ohm
1 x USB
1 x Manual